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The Changemakers Community for FE | unsticking you from good intentions to actionable ideas

Our big purpose

Bringing together changemakers in FE who are stuck in the system but who have a deep desire to step into their potentia: by gaining clarity through facilitated weekly spaces and deepening know-how in real time. So that together we can connect, collaborate and co-create previously unimagined futures for ourselves and the communities we serve.

unsticking you from good intentions to actionable ideas


Changemakers are people who make things happen. It doesn’t matter where you sit in an organisation or what job you do - in FE Constellations we leave role, rank and ego at the door. Everyone is welcome here. 

And although many of the people we know work in Further Education and Training, that's not a deal breaker. We're very expansive about how we define that. If you work with young people or adults, in any setting that leads to growth and learning, you're invited. It's your changemaking capacity we're interested in. We're international, and you don't need institutional permission. 

You don’t need to have changed anything yet (though you may have changed more than you know). You don’t have to march with a banner or make a big noise. Here you’ll find a community with whom you can connect, collaborate and co-create and which will enable you to step into your own light, your own potentia. To paraphrase Karen Waldron: 

We are the people who quietly and diligently work behind the scenes for good and justice - those who daily activate their own gifts and talents and determination as part of a larger cause.

Curious about being a changemaker?

If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you have a yearning to step into your potentia and make change happen. And you’ve probably got a deep desire to be part of something bigger than yourself. But how do you turn good intentions into actionable ideas? It’s too easy to get stuck between the two, especially when you throw post-pandemic ‘gobackery’ into the mix.

The FE Constellations community happens in real time. We help members develop both clarity and collective know-how - the ingredients you need in order to maximise your influence and gather momentum for change.

You’ll connect purposefully with others. Build collaborative relationships. Create new constellations.

You’ll learn how to navigate those sticky spaces between good intentions and actionable ideas. And, together, we’ll co-create previously unimagined futures.

How does it work?

You can access FE Constellations via an app on your phone or device; any time, any place, any space.

Your monthly subscription opens the front door to a protected online membership community that’s research-informed and freshly designed for Connection, Collaboration, Co-creation and Celebration.

Build relationships, exchange know-how, workshop your ideas, let off steam and have fun. You’ll learn how to figure out your own big purpose, test out ideas, design projects and you’ll look at change leadership from different perspectives.

Our intentional design process means we'll offer you a weekly, curated series of learning experiences to help you release your own potentia and the latent capacity of others, those golden unicorns in your organisation. We’ll weave your stories into Friday’s Freshest Insights and leave you with a little something to think about over the weekend 😀.

We’ll draw on the Thinking Environment in our live sessions, so expect lots of Ideas Rooms and other spaces facilitated to draw out your freshest, independent thinking. But we won’t stop there. We’ll also weave in research informed possibility thinking approaches from across disciplines. Together, within our changemakers community we’ll create clarity, know-how and momentum.

We’re also big into meta-learning. Teaching you what we know and do, so you can experience the emotional and cognitive wake of working together with meaning and purpose. 

And as a member, you’ll have first refusal on our blended, expert-led modules, all taking place in this easy-to-use space. We'll launch with our Changemakers Programme:  

  • Building trust

  • Developing know-how: actionable ideas and momentum

  • Releasing the capacity of those golden unicorns

  • Creating cultures of belonging

We’ll also offer founder members discounted rates for our bi-annual changemakers retreats.

We’d love you to join each other and actualise this vision.

Our big promise

Unsticking you from good intentions to actionable ideas

The FE Constellations community architecture models the best in current research-informed thinking and draws on all that we've learned about designing and stewarding communities over a lifetime of experience. 

Our design and curation is intentional, weaving stories, experiences and research-informed content into monthly themes which reflect the joyful work of changemakers and which you'll co-create with learning from your own practice. 

We're also a research community, extending and deepening a living dataset around culture change.

You can return to the content time and again during the lifetime of your subscription.

Each week we'll offer you:

  • Monday's Polls: to involve you in the week's theme.
  • Tuesday's Navigating Sticky Spaces: a live, facilitated space to unstick you from good intentions to actionable ideas.
  • Friday's Freshest Insights; a livestream with Joss or Lou, pulling together threads from the week's learning and sending a stimulating artefact your way, ready for the weekend.
  • Sunday's Sensemaking: join our discussion to share your reflections of the week.

You'll also have free lifetime access to our Changemaker Programme (rrp £350), a research-informed offering which allows you to learn about building trust, gathering know-how, releasing the golden unicorns and creating cultures of belonging.

We'll present regular, pioneering Thinknotes from change leadership experts; with recordings stored in the Thinknote Library for you to access at any time.

FE Constellations is live and always learning. You'll get involved in ad hoc Potentia Challenges where the content is always sparked by YOU:

  • HELP! I want to write a sustainability policy.
  • HELP! I've been asked to research learning walks.
  • HELP! I'm creating a menopause wellbeing project.
  • HELP! I'm leading our staff development week.
  • HELP! I want to review hybrid teaching.

We know the most impactful learning will be co-created as you connect with each others' stories, experiences and know-how; facilitated via the FE Constellation architecture. 

We build the architecture. You bring the content. 

This fresh and innovative subscription programme delivers on our big promise: 

Unsticking you from good intentions to actionable ideas.

About us

Changemakers extraordinaire!

FEConstellations is brought to you by Further Education’s changemakers Joss Kang and Lou Mycroft. We’ve worked together on national cutting edge projects (including #APConnect⭐️ and #JoyFE💛) for a number of years now and we’ve had front-row seats to huge changes in professional development. Building on a wealth of research, we’re now articulating a bigger purpose: to design and build sustainable architectures for FE so that individuals and organisations, wherever they are on their journey, can flourish.

Think agency, motivation, potentia: sustainable and future-facing.

Imagine new paradigms of professional development where you're (en)trusted to engage in self-directed, peer-led professional learning via porous spaces, bringing the outside in and the inside out.

Think coming together with people from across the world to implement research-informed ideas.

FE Constellations is your way into this bigger vision: designing, building and embedding pan-organisational architectures into the fabric of FE so that you can co-create vibrant, energising and purposeful ways of running professional development.

Bringing together changemakers in FE who are stuck in the system but who have a deep desire to step into their potentia: by gaining clarity through facilitated weekly spaces and developing know-how in real time. So that together we can connect, collaborate and co-create previously unimagined futures for ourselves and the communities we serve.

Our ethics

Seva | Potentia | Community

Transition | Momentum | Sustainability | 

Pro-social | Anti-competitive | Pan-organisational


#APConnect Changemakers 

What an amazing journey!

#APConnect is the only programme that has supported real culture change.

Collaboration is the key to change.

I am forever grateful that I have been part of #APConnect, for the learning and for the connections.

These virtual spaces have been life changing and now feel part of my life.

...an absolute game changer for me. I've been allowed to see possible and preferred futures enacted, and I'm starting to see how to get there.

Without the connections I have made I think the motivation, energy, inspiration and support I needed to, not only do my job, but do it well, with passion, do it better would have been nigh impossible. 

Being on that boundary - the link between the organisation and the outside - is essential. It broadens horizons, it enriches, it expands thinking, it pushes and prods in the best possible way. 

The best form of development I have ever experienced, and I’ve always said I HATE CPD!

...a massive impact on my practice as an English teacher; I have evolved as a practitioner in more ways than from any other CPD. My learners have benefitted from my changing approach… Impact is immeasurable."

There is a lot out there that isn’t relevant to the sector, where with #APConnect it is, whereas you can look at it and apply it to anything at any time, T Levels, Construction, enhanced practice, freedom, autonomy. Should be the definitive teacher training programme for all FE practitioners, because it’s so freeing and enabling.

Incredible journey! Let’s continue the amazing work and support through our communities, to empower those who are the change agents of the future! Just brilliant!

Join us!

FE Constellations for Organisations

We'll be formally launching our offer for organisations within this brilliant community in Autumn 2022, but you can join us right away!

Register here if you're interested! (Individual memberships will be converted if your organisation joins).

Organisational membership is available at £425 per month or £3,000 annually (a saving of 42%). Pay using the plan below or via invoice at [email protected]

As a principle of seva (a service culture of belonging), we are initially limiting places to 30 founding organisations on a first-come, first-served basis. Sign up below. 

DM or message for a chat: [email protected]  @LouMycroft

[email protected] @JossKang      


Sign up now!

FE Constellations for Individuals

Curious? Join us for a week's free trial. There's no penalty for cancellation but we think you'll want to stay 😀 

Individual membership is available at £32 per month or £250 annually (a saving of 35%). Sign up below. 

As a principle of seva (a service culture of belonging), we are initially limiting places to 30 founding members on a first-come, first-served basis.  

Find out more

We are LIVE🚀.

Watch our livestreams:

8.30am Thursday 23rd June: Livestream 3 with our story of potentia  


3pm Thursday 16th June: Livestream 2 with our story of community-first


7pm Monday 13th June: Livestream 1 with our story of seva


Community Catalysts

We are delighted to introduce the Community Catalysts offer.

Communities need to encompass dimensions of difference, or they end up as stale echo chambers. We are offering a SIX MONTHS free trial to selected applicants, honouring a blend of potentia and perspective. Obviously we hope you'll love this great-value community and continue with us beyond this point!

We'll offer a small number of Community Catalyst places each month, as long as we have the space. We will close at 30 individual founding members and 30 founding organisations, to keep the community small enough for a culture of belonging and big enough for a buzz. 

Apply here for a Community Catalyst place 🔥

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