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The Changemakers Community for FE | from good intentions to sustainable change

About FE Constellations

FE Constellations is a freshly-designed free to access online membership community designed for Changemakers in Further Education to connect, collaborate and co-create. Join us! 

Our big promise is 'from good intentions to sustainable change'. You'll benefit from the community's collective energies and know-how, alongside the latest in systems and culture change thinking. 

You'll join a pan-organisational community which is small enough to know everyone but big enough to draw on the collective buzz of perspective, ideas and experience. This community helps you develop the skills palette you need to maximise your influence and gather momentum for change.  

The real pay-off is that, unlike traditional consultancy, we are all about you developing your agency, energy and momentum to do changemaking work. Changing things takes graft, and it takes time. As part of FE Constellations you'll be supported to get past the activation zone where changemaking happens - the sweet spot where good intentions move to sustainable action

Are you a Changemaker?

Changemakers are people who make things happen. It doesn’t matter where you sit in an organisation or what job you do. In FE Constellations we leave role, rank and ego at the door. Everyone is welcome here

You don’t need to have changed anything yet (though you may have changed more than you know). You don’t have to march with a banner or make a big noise. Here you’ll find a community with whom you can connect, collaborate and co-create. It will enable you to step into your own light, your own potentia. To paraphrase Karen Waldron: 

How does it work?

The FE Constellations community happens in real time and online but you can participate at a time to suit you. You can access FE Constellations via an app on your phone or device; any time, any place, any space.

  • Build relationships
  • Exchange and deepen know-how over time
  • Engage with a freshly-designed learning experience  
  • Develop your changemaking knowledge and practice 
  • Progress through the four changemaking seasons
  • Alight, pause, rest and take off again and again 
  • Cut through the noise 
  • Workshop your ideas
  • Let off steam
  • Have fun 

You’ll learn how to figure out your own big purpose, test out ideas, design projects and you’ll look at change leadership from different perspectives.

Our intentional design process means we'll offer you weekly, curated learning experiences to help you release your own potentia and the latent capacity of others, those golden unicorns in your organisation. Together, within our changemakers community we’ll create clarity, know-how and momentum.

We’re also big into meta-learning. Teaching you what we know and do through our community-powered courses (some are free, others are paid for) so you can experience the emotional and cognitive wake of working together with meaning and purpose. 

Our big promise

from good intentions to sustainable action

About us

Changemakers extraordinaire!

FEConstellations is brought to you by Further Education’s changemakers Joss Kang and Lou Mycroft. We’ve worked together on national cutting edge projects (including #APConnect, #CfEM⭐️ and #JoyFE💛) for several years now and we’ve had front-row seats to huge changes in professional development. Building on a wealth of research, we’re now articulating a bigger purpose: to design and build sustainable online architectures for FE so that individuals and organisations, wherever they are on their journey, can flourish.

Come together with people from across the world to do the work of changemaking. 

Our ethics

Seva | Potentia | Community

Transition | Momentum | Sustainability | 

Pro-social | Anti-competitive | Pan-organisational

Incredible journey! Let’s continue the amazing work and support through our communities, to empower those who are the change agents of the future! Just brilliant!

Join now

There are 3 entry points to the FE Constellations Community. Access the one that works for you depending on where you are in your Changemaking journey. Connect. Collaborate. Co-create. 

1. Core, free FE Constellations membership for all Changemakers 

Benefit from the incredible know-how of a wider international Changemaker Community. Participate in a fresh learning experience curated through the lens of the four seasons of changemaking. 

Once in, you can also access: 

  • free Grassroots FE Communities aligned to your interest or values
  • community-powered courses: both self-paced and taught courses

Either way, you'll turbo-change your changemaking journey and see impacts in all areas of your life - not just at work.  

2. FE Constellations for Hosts 

For changemakers who are already hosting a community or would love to host one.

  • Access a free, beautiful, online space without ownership, competition or interference to host your Community

  • Grow and nurture a Grassroots Constellation around a common interest e.g. Artificial Intelligence in FE or shared values e.g. belonging. Or bring over an existing community. Build a new one 

  • Generate energy, time and ideas

  • Hone your community hosting skills 

Host with us - the Benefits. 

  • It’s free - you don’t pay a penny. We’ll cover the cost of the Mighty Network platform and also provide free CPD to help sharpen your hosting skills 

  • Everything on one platform; no hunting for dates, links, passwords, emails or scouring the Twittersphere

  • Run online gatherings, live stream, chats and do much more in the space you are stewarding

  • Curate and host resources and a calendar of in-real-life and virtual events

  • Create time. Save money. Stop reinventing the wheel.

We’ll support you to: 

  • Develop a big purpose and big promise through the nifty inbuilt AI features 

  • Build a virtual architecture using regular polls to help structure your space - all scheduled upfront!

  • Engage members through hashtags, emojis and tagging

  • Choose your notifications

  • Grow a beautiful community 

This is a joyful community in your pocket; engage with it via an app on your phone or on a browser from a device. 

Let us know asap. We've limited places for FE Constellation Hosts to set-up and grow a FE Constellation - and it won't cost you a penny! We'll even provide a free CPD course  - Building Communities Online - to help sharpen your hosting skills 😉.

3. FE Constellations Community-Powered Courses 

We offer two types of Community-Powered courses; self-paced and facilitated. 

Self-Paced: Radical Rest is now available to purchase @£75 per person   💫⭐💛. 

£75 per course grants you: 

  • lifetime access to all online course material
  • a private space to chat with fellow changemaker participants
  • a weekly online Office Hour with Dr Lou Mycroft and Joss Kang - your FE Constellation hosts - to share progress, accountability and replenish energy
  • a top-up option for the taught element at discounted price 
  • and lifetime membership to the FE Changemaker Community - FE Constellations

It's incredible value. Purchase and find out more below (scroll to the bottom of the page.) 

Facilitated courses: Radical Rest and The Changemaker's Course available to purchase very soon @£250 per person   💫⭐💛.  

 £250 per course grants you: 

  • four taught sessions with fixed start and end dates 
  • taught by Dr Lou Mycroft and Joss Kang 
  • small cohort size; small enough to build relationships, big enough for a buzz
  • easeful ways to learn together in a cohort-powered community  
  • multiple spaces to build relationships with fellow participants: 1:1, small group, by interest - the possibilities are endless
  • an optional, weekly online Office Hour with Lou, Joss and fellow changemakers to share progress, accountability and replenish energy; dip in and out
  • scheduled release of underpinning online content
  • lifetime access to all online content; regularly refreshed 
  • and lifetime membership to the FE Changemaker Community - FE Constellations

It's incredible value. Purchase and find out more below (scroll to the bottom of the page.)  

Get in touch 

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